Local Venues

  • Northwest Folklife Festival

    Every Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, the eyes of the city turn their attention to celebrating culture. We’ve been honored to help represent Scandinavia during showcase performances and the annual Saturday night dances in the Center House. Additionally, in November 2010, we participated in the ‘Night for Folklife’ benefit concert series.

  • Nordic Heritage Museum

    The Nordic Heritage Museum has long supported Scandinavian culture in the Northwest. Look for Mäd Fiddlu at their seasonal festivals: Yulefest in November, and Viking Days in July.

  • Skandia Folkdance Society

    Swedish folk music is deeply intertwined with its folk dance counterpart. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are so many people who enjoy Scandinavian folk music and dance, there is a whole organization devoted to it. We often play for dances and other social events hosted by Skandia. In fact, our very first performance was the Skandia Midsommarfest in 2008.

  • Seafoodfest

    Ready, Set, Eat! Seafoodfest is the ultimate for local foodies, and it’s also a good place to find entertainment and family-friendly activities.

  • Swedish Cultural Center

    Where else can you find an outrageous waterfront view, Swedish folk music, and good food? We play at the popular Pancake Breakfasts a couple times a year, usually in the last time slot. (So you can sleep in a little!) Make sure to check out schedule to find out when we play next!

  • Wayward Coffeehouse

    The Wayward has become our standby show spot. Right on Greenwood Ave., it’s easy to get to, and we enjoy the opportunity to catch the ears of passers by who are new to nyckelharpa music.

Nordic Folk Music, Freshly Wrapped